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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eskimo Blanket

Last year I found this picture somewhere online:
Those of you who know me also know that I have a soft spot for elefants. I really liked the colours on this one, so I decided to use them as an inspiration for a blanket for my bedroom.
I used the squares in this pattern but with a bulky yarn and thick needles.
I weighed the yarn while knitting, so that I started off knitting the inner colour in 25 grams, before I changed and added 25 grams of the outer colour. This way I minimized the waste of yarn.
Then I knitted one garter ridge in white, before I bound off and crocheted one round of double crochet, joining the squares as i crocheted.
Finally I crocheted three rounds of double crochet around the whole blanket for edging, the first and third in white, the middle round using all the little bits of colour I had left from the squares.
The result was a really warm blanket to keep me warm during the coldest winter nights!
Pattern: my own inspired by this Drops pattern
Yarn: Drops Eskimo
Needles: 8mm
Measurements: 130x190cm (51"x75")
Weight: 1445grams
I also wanted something to put on the wall over the bed, in matching colours, so I started making this quilt out of bits and pieces I had stashed through the years. I used all my whites and naturals, ranging from rough linen to fine lace, and combined them with a few splashes of colour here and there.
Some places I ironed the lace onto sturdier fabric, if the lace was too fine.
I'm quite happy with the result, and now I'm just waiting for the quilting mojo to return so I can finish it and get it up on the wall!
And when my painting mojo comes, I will paint the elephant onto a huge canvas and hang it on the wall too.
But for now I'm mostly knitting. Here's how far I've come on my cumulus. I had to order more yarn, so it has been put on hold for a few days.
And of course there are flowers to look at.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go bask in the sun!

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  1. To stilige tepper! Digg å strikke teppe av tykt garn. Og så liker jeg godt lappetepper som er sydd av faktiske lapper! Det burde jo være poenget... Cumulusen ser lovende ut, og akeleien din var kjempefin! Og takk for skryt :)