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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Afghan for Jenny & Nathalie

This year, for my daughters' birthdays, I crocheted them an afghan each, using the same pattern, but in different colours.

For Nathalie's afghan i used the yarn suggested, but chose an orange colorway rather than the pink wich was called for in the pattern.

For Jenny I replaced the yarn in the pattern with Fame Rand from Marks & Kattens.

Pattern:  Crochet DROPS blanket in "Delight" and "Fabel"
Finished size:
Grey afghan 190x140 cm, 120 squares.
Colourful afghan: slightly smaller, 99 squares
grey afghan squares: Fame Rand from Marks & Kattens
grey afghan edging: Drops Fabel
Colourful afghan squares: Drops Delight
Colourful afghan edging: Sandnes tynn alpakka

Comments: Even though this was a big project, it was really fun to crochet. The colourchanges in the yarn ensures that not two squares look the same, and the square itself is fun to crochet. Great project for commuting, as you just keep crocheting little squares, until it's time to put them together. The colourful squares reminds me of glass-painted church windows. I have allready started on a third blanket, this one is for me, and will be in brown-beige earthy colours to fit in my livingroom.

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  1. These are works of art, they are sooo beaueutiful!!
    Wonderful to see them, thanks for sharing
    ps welcome to Blogland too ♥