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Monday, February 28, 2011

DROPS waist coat in moss stitch

Ice popsicles in the trees, the gems of nature in my garden yesterday.
One of the first items I knitted when I took up knitting again a couple of years a go, was a waist coat in moss stitch. Thinking that swatching wasn't necessary, I knitted a garment that could have fitted two of me inside. The other day I found it at the bottom of a drawer, and decided to frog it and make one that would fit.
I like the glitter in contrast with the rough cotton/linnen blend.
 The pattern calls for crocheted buttons, but I chose some wooden ones instead.
The yarn is a combination of three different types: cotton/linen blend, glitter and a thin alpaca.
This time it fits perfectly, and keeps me warm in just the right places!
Pattern: Drops waist coat in moss stitch
Yarn: Drops Bomull-Lin (cotton/linnen), Drops Alpaca  and Glitter in gold.
Needles: 6mm
In other news, my favourite LYS had a sale on silke-tweed I couldn't ignore....
Mira doesn't see what the fuss is all about.

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