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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Granny square bag

Inspired by Lucy in the Attic I started crocheting granny squares, following this tutorial, planning to make a blanket.
After crocheting a couple of squares I started thinking:
Making a blanket like this is going to take AGES! 
So instead I made a bag :)
 I started at the bottom, crocheting on both sides of a crochet chain, increasing and changing colours as I went...
Untill it was big enough to join to a ring of eight granny squares. Then I added some more stripes at the top as well.
To make the handle I started with a triangle made from half a granny square, and then made a crochet chain between the two triangles, the same length I wanted the handle. Then I continued with the stripes on both sides of the chain, including the top of the bag.
Finally I lined the bag with some brown cotton fabric, also making a small pocket to keep the little things, with a zipper.
I was very happy with the result, and the bag didn't take too long to make :)
Pattern: my own, made up as I went.
Yarn: Lerke, a cotton/wool blend from Dalegarn.

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  1. WOWW what a fabulous design, i love the way you've put it together!
    Beautiful...so happy to see it, thank you ♥