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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maja in the flesh

Look! Spring has arrived in my garden! Most of it is still coverd in snow, but one little corner is bare, and those are my tulips taking a peak!
These days I spend a lot of time writing on my bachelor in child welfare, but I still get some time to knit too.
I finished Maja the hat.
I really like knitting with variegated yarn on a solid base. And I love the Maja pattern!
I didn't manage to keep the gauge of 36 stitches, which I though was really tiny!
So I sort of made a beret instead of a hat...(Notice Malawi's white toe in the upper right corner. Making sure I'm doing it right).
But I still love the colours!
And it still fits, even though I didn't keep the gauge.
Pattern: Maja the hat from Born to Knit
Yarn: Mc: PT2 and Cc Drops Delight
Needles: 2 and 2.5
A nice knit in a lovely pattern, will definitely make more of these! But then in a thinner yarn, perhaps next time it will be a hat rather than a beret : )
Ninja thinks a sun streak on the floor is great for napping!


  1. It's a very beautiful hat! :D ... and congratulations for your blog!
    Greetings from Barcelona

  2. Thanks Celi :) The scarf in your picture has lovely colours, did you make it yourself?