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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marimekko scarf

I have finished a scarf that I've been having on my list for a long time, ever since I saw it a couple of years ago on another knitting blog. I bought the pattern and put it neatly into my file of patterns, where it stayed untill I happened to chance upon it the other day while I was looking for something else.
I followed my recent decision about sticking to earthy, natural colours when I bought the yarn.
Making this scarf involves weaving in a lot of ends,
 but the construction of the scarf ensures that it's fun to make, as you build it up stripe by stripe.
A fun and fairly quick knit!
Pattern: Marimekko scarf by Vivian Høxbro
Yarn: Drops fabel
Needles: 3mm
In other news:
All the snow has melted away, and the other day I was able to catch a few minutes in the sun! 
Mira has had her spring bath and is happy with the way things are going.

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