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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My current WIP's (Work in Progress)

As most (all?) knitters I know, I like to juggle between several projects. Some are small and doesn't require any thinking, good for commuting and company. Some are more complicated, and needs my full attention at all times.
I thought I'd show you some of my current projects.

Although I love working with bright colours, and I think they look really nice on people who wear them, I seldom feel comfortable wearing them myself. I have also decorated my house using mainly earthy tones. So I have finally ( after having spent years making things that ended up not being used) come to the point where most things I make are in earthy, neutral tones (with a few exceptions of course).
These squares are for a blanket like this, in grey, brown and off white. The blanket requires 30 squares, I have made about 1/3 :)

Another project I am very excited about, is the Maia (ravelry link) from Rosemary (Romi) Hill. It is a beautiful shoulderette, and I can't wait til it's done, but it demands my full concentration so it doesn't go too fast! I have chosen a sock yarn in a greenish, blueish, greyish colourway from Austerman Step.

I have also started crocheting an afghan similar to the ones I made for my daughters, this time in earthy tones to fit into my livingroom.

I had some left over yarn from the grey afghan, and was tempted to knit Jagged socks by Kirsten Kapur. A fun knit, but at one point the contrast colour changes from grey to black, which kind of makes the whole point of knitting with two colours obsolete. Of course, this wont really matter when the wearer of the socks is wearing shoes. Anyway, I've knitted one, and the other one is patiently waiting for me to get back to it.

I've also tried "hakking" which is an old crocheting technique that has started to be popular again in Norway. I don't know what it is called in English. The project is a scarf in linen with the odd bling stripe here and there for contrast. I think I might have to rethink the linen, it might be too stiff for a scarf, but I still like the idea, so I might try to make it with a softer yarn.

I came across this knitting kit at my favourite yarn store, Strikkestua in Son, and couldn't resist the incredible softness of the Faroese natural yarn.  This is also a Full Concentration Project, so progress is slow but rewarding. 

I had some left over Evilla yarn and started crocheting a solskinstrøje from Liselotte over at Slagt en hellig ko. I've crocheted everything but the two sleeves, which probably wouldn't take me more than a couple of evenings to finish. But it's been waiting for a couple of months now.

That was a short introduction to my WIP's, hopefully they will end up on the FO (finished object) list soon! :)

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